Beautiful Designed Outdoor Cushions made to last!

Beautifully Designed Outdoor Cushions made to last!

Outdoor cushions that last may sound like an oxymoron in the harsh outdoor elements but outdoor cushions can be made to last and nothing can transform your outdoor space more then beautifully designed custom outdoor cushions, pillows and accessories just take a look at our before and after pictures below.  Remember, Riviera Decor is specially  trained to design and fabricate beautiful outdoor decor of lasting quality.

You might shake your head and ask yourself if outdoor cushions can be made to look beautiful.  Or, are they just made to be practical?  Yes, they can look beautiful.  Can you make them so you can have different design options?  Again, yes!  Welcome to the world of custom home decor where beauty and quality meet  In summary, you can get so much more then just the big box store look with better quality and make your outdoor space a place where you really want to be.

One of our recent projects is always one of my favorites and that is outdoor cushions or outdoor décor.  We are passionate about outdoor spaces,  perhaps it is due to our location- Corpus Christi, Texas and our beautiful weather,  but also because outdoor spaces are  a place for families and loved ones to connect without the disturbances of modern technology.

Before replacement outdoor cushions

Here is our before picture as we are taking measurements before the chairs leave to be restored.  A smart fiscal decision on our clients part is to have their existing outdoor furniture pieces painted and powder coated along with new custom outdoor cushions.  This will give them something to last for years to come and quite a savings in money.

Before-Outdoor Cushions

Before- Outdoor Cushions

Outside of their porch area is a beautiful spa area surrounded in stone and lush landscaping along with a beautiful pergola as well.  They have a beautiful outdoor space to relax and enjoy.

Selections for Outdoor Cushions

When we first met with our clients we showed them samples of Outdoor Cushions we had completed and they decided on the look of cushions that were reversible.  They were also smart in their decision making to replace the existing foam they had.  We discussed different options of foam and the importance of outdoor furnishings being designed to enable moisture to drain and not entrap.  Selections of fabric were made from the current Sunbrella fabric book as well.  Sunbrella is one of our favorites for outdoor fabric.  It is worth every penny.

The reveal…

Below is our clients finished product.  Notice the difference carefully selected outdoor cushions can make.  Our clients have some pottery from Mexico that they are going to incorporate into their outdoor space along with a coordinating outdoor rug that we will custom make for them. What is not easy to see here is what you will not find in outdoor cushions from the big box store.  Other then lasting quality of fabric and foam is the options with fabric.  Here you will find a stripe that is repeated consistently on each cushion and even the welt of each chair is perfectly matched  down to the boxing on the cushion and repeated in the  zipper boxing!

Next on the list is outdoor rugs to coordinate with the custom cushions.   At Riviera Decor, we can even customize a rug to match with your custom cushions for a truly beautiful and cohesive outdoor  space.   This will be a beautiful outdoor room for our clients.


Our favorite part

The best part of what we do is to see a happy client and have them enjoy their new space.



Outdoor cushions

Our favorite part- A delighted client for Riviera Décor

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