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Coordinate your entire outdoor room with Riviera Decor by contacting our design center.

Our Design Consultants are professionally trained not only in design, but also in the construction of outdoor furnishings.  Consequently, they are the experts to guide you in your selections.

Once you have selected your Sunbrella feature fabric, they can offer you various design options for your entire outdoor room.  Your cushions will stand out for beautiful design detail, not like the standard big-box-store issue. They will also know the correct foam to suggest for your cushions, according to their conditions and purpose.  Our Design Consultants will not only offer you design options in your cushions, they can coordinate your pillows, patio curtains and  outdoor rugs all at one time.

Of course, you can always choose just the items you want from our catalog of custom products.

Hosting an Outdoor Barbeque or Dining Event?

Are you wanting to dine or barbeque? Would you like outdoor placemats, napkins and covers for your food and drinks?  The kind that keep the wind and bugs out but the food in?

We can coordinate and custom make your outdoor linens as well for comfortable outdoor dining.

International Award-Winning Riviera Decor is located along the Texas Gulf Coast. Our clients love for all things outdoors has made us the seasoned professionals in outdoor decor.  Custom cushion covers, seasonal outdoor slipcovers, wind-resistant patio curtains and coordinating rugs. We make beautiful outdoor spaces!

Coming Soon - Online Ordering

While our Website is under construction you can still call us at 361-765-2495 to place your order.  Or, contact our design center for a free consultation

The picture below shows a patio brought to life with replacement outdoor cushions, patio curtains and slipcover for a coffee table. Design by Melissa Hammann for Riviera Decor,  and featured in the 'Sunday Homes' for the Corpus Christi Caller Times.

Outdoor furniture, cushions and curtains
As seen in the Sunday Homes edition of the Corpus Christi Caller Times; Sunday, May 28, 2017. Photography-Eddie Seal. Design and fabrication of Outdoor Furniture/cushions and Wind Resistant Outdoor Draperies by Melissa Hammann for Riviera Decor

Design Details

Note the two pictures featured with the coordinating custom outdoor cushions, patio curtains and outdoor slipcovers.

The cushions feature the same fabric but in different ways.  The patio cushions feature a solid top cushion with button detailing.  These cushions are reversible to the stripe fabric on the back and a different button detailing.  Both sets of cushions have a solid boxing to rest the eye from the stripes.  The piping is a stripe on the diagonal.

Different foam is used for the chaise lounge than for the patio cushions.  The chaise lounge requires a foam where the water will run quickly.  While the patio cushions are for seating under a covered patio requiring a different foam.

Note the colors in the patio curtains, the tiebacks and the outdoor pillows.  The color combination ties everything in.

Outdoor furniture/cushions, curtains Riviera Decor, Corpus Chrisit, Texas
Outdoor furniture and chaise lounge, outdoor pillow. Fabric by Sunbrella, Melissa Hammann-Riviera Décor Corpus Christi, Texas

Curtains and Window Treatments for our local clients

At Riviera Decor, we treat your curtains and draperies as investment pieces in your home.  So, seasoned professionals design every treatment, and highly skilled, educated seamstresses bring them to fruition.  We take professional pride in the excellent design and craftsmanship of all our products, as shown by our First-Place award in Curtains and Draperies at the 2018 International Window Coverings Expo.

Details Make the Difference

Custom window treatments are not just 'sewn', rather they are engineered.  Therefore, we make numerous professional decisions before the first cut.  Begin with the correct choice of fabric, repeat and yardage, and continue with the choice of lining, interlining, black out, soft black-out or even luxurious French black out.  What structure will the panel need to hold the desired shape?  How and where to lock the layers or stabilize the fabric?  What is the best hem choice to prevent flare and pull-up?  What hardware will complement the treatment?    We take all these considerations into account.

As a result, the design and knowledge of high-end sewing techniques for Custom Home Decor produce the beautiful and sculptural custom pieces you see that grace the covers of Home Decor magazines.


Curtains, Bedding, Upholstery and Outdoor Decor Award Winning Riviera Decor
International Window Coverings Expo/ Visions Magazine- First Place

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