Picture your back porch as an outdoor resort!


Outdoor Decor and Resort Style Living – they just go hand in hand.  A beautiful and relaxing outdoor space just adds to the quality of life. From a practical side, outdoor spaces also add value to your real estate dollar as well.

The challenge in outdoor spaces comes in  maximizing the comfort and beauty, enjoying the fresh air, open space and sunshine, while limiting the annoyance factors like excess heat and bugs. Both challenges can be met.  In this post, we will focus on the aesthetics and comfort of the outdoor resort lifestyle.  We will be treating other aspects in additional posts throughout the summer.

The look of the resort outdoor room

It is all in the layering my friend, all in the layering.  “What layering,”  you may ask?  The layering of soft materials.  It’s the layering of all soft materials that make you want to fall into the space with a good book, take a comfortable summer nap, or just relax and sun by the pool.  Whatever you want to call it, you are transported to a relaxing outdoor space.  The space grabs you and pulls  you in because of the look;  it has soothing colors, balance and rhythm, with a repetition in soft comfort.

What are the elements of  resort outdoor room?

Move past the standard outdoor furniture, and let’s talk about luxury: affordable, outdoor luxury.  Let,s layer in the all the soft, soothing comfort of textiles outdoors. What are these?  You have outdoor cushions – no, not the standard big box store eyesores.  You have cushions with design detail to look beautiful, in outdoor fabric that is designed to last.  The correct foam is chosen for your cushions based on use, and is enhanced for added comfort.  Let’s also add some pillows for outdoors to have a soft place to lay your head.


Now, let’s layer in some other elements for it to truly feel like an outdoor room: outdoor draperies.  What says resort like soft billowing sheer white draperies?  This is where a ‘bit of the unexpected’ comes to play and makes the place captivating to the eye. Wait, you may ask, draperies are not practical for outside, won’t the wind tear them to shreds?   No, not if they are made correctly.  At Riviera Decor we live in a tropical place that has been named “the wind surfing capitol of the world”.  Strong winds directly off the gulf are a fact here.  However, we love our outdoor spaces so we have learned to design, fabricate and install for high winds. Soft sided coffee tables are beautiful unexpected touch; even a table cover as shown in the picture adds beauty to the outdoor entertaining area.

So, how do you achieve these outdoor spaces?  If I spend this money, how will it last in the Outdoor elements?  I am glad you asked.  At Riviera Decor, we did not learn by the ‘school of trial and error’ that is costly not only for us but our clients as well.  We were trained professionally.  Many of our outdoor products are now going on their thirteenth year. Please read below for detail.

What to look for in a professional

Training/Experience – They need to be specifically trained and experienced in outdoor fabrication/sewing techniques.  Please see our website for our certificate of completion in Outdoor Decor from the Custom Home Furnishings Academy.  Once you know how to fabricate then you design.  Trite but true…form follows function, especially in outdoor décor.  Personally, I would not go to just any designer who hires the cheapest sewing workroom for outdoor decor.  This is something that is highly skilled and requires specialized training in selections and fabrication.

What to look for in the product

Fabric – It all starts with a quality fabric.  A quality outdoor fabric must be a solution dyed acrylic, but not everything sold as “outdoor fabric” is.   This means the fabric must be dyed all the way through and not just stamped.  Think of it as the difference between a radish and a carrot.

Fabrication – There are proven techniques in the sewing/fabrication process that do not allow water to enter the product.   Repelling water slows the process of mold development.  This requires not only specialized materials but specialized machines that have the power to run the needed materials to fabricate outdoor decor.

Materials – Not only the fabric, but all materials selected should be for outdoor use, down to the last stitch of thread.

These are just some of the factors to look for when you shop for outdoor decor: machinery, materials, and knowledge or intellectual property.

Custom Chaise Lounge with Rapid-Dry Cushions

A good example are these chaise lounges, not simple.  A careful selection of fabrics, foam, material and fabrication went into their preparation.  These chaise lounges will allow water to pass through, so no more wet derriere when you want to sun bathe after a rainshower.

Have a happy summer everyone, and if you want to enjoy it…keep reading our Blog!

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