Wind-resistant outdoor draperies

Do wind-resistant outdoor draperies really exist?  Yes, they do !  And,  Riviera Décor has recently been awarded their second win with the Visions Magazine/International Window Coverings Expo.  This is the “Academy Awards” in the industry for Custom Home Decor for Fabrication/Sewing


Wind-resistant outdoor draperies, Custom Outdoor Cushions and Pillows by Riviera Décor Corpus Christi, Rockport and Port Aransas, Texas

The Riviera Resort Lifestyle of Outdoor Living.

Part II of VIII in our weekly Blog series on Outdoor Living.

Patio curtains or draperies are just as important- if not more so- than your indoor curtains. And, they can last for several years- read here.  They make a room feel like a complete, cozy, high-end resort. Outdoor draperies can breathe new life into an outdoor space not only by softening all the hard edges, but also by adding a ‘bit of the unexpected’. The room is inviting not only for the soft flowing of outdoor curtains but how enticingly coordinated it is, from the outdoor cushions, to the chaise lounges, pillows and even the table linens. Most importantly, it is all made to last when done by a professional with the credentials such as Riviera Décor.  View all pictures and note how all the outdoor replacement cushions coordinate with the pillows, chaise lounges and outdoor linens.
However, the question remains- how can outdoor curtains work with strong wind? We have an answer to that question.The outdoor curtains we will describe here are not found in your local ‘big box store’ but are a custom made by professional soft furnishings designers and fabricators at Riviera Décor. Our lead designer and custom home décor sewing specialist, Melissa Hammann,

Do not make the mistakes we have seen others do.

Let me begin by saying, it all begins with the right fabric. This requires a detailed discussion that we will cover in our Blog series Part III of Outdoor Living.
I would like to begin this subject by first discussing what you do not want to do, as it is a safety concern. Your first thought might be to weight the bottom hem of the draperies. However, if this is done what you then have is a projectile in the bottom of the hem that could potentially hurt someone should it be whipped around a few times in the wind. The next wrong choice is to tie the bottom of the panel down. The problem that is created now is the only way for the wind to get through is to tear the body of the panel (not a very good outcome considering the cost of the fabric.)

Call in the professionals

Many of our clients have beautiful property on Padre Island along the Texas Gulf Coast. They enjoy their outdoor spaces and want them as beautiful, relaxing and comfortable as possible. Over the years, we have designed, field tested and engineered several designs and patterns of outdoor draperies that have achieved great success. Contact us for wind-proof outdoor draperies are advanced and for professional sewing workrooms only. Purchase here
The secret to our success is that we have engineered methods that minimize, if not eliminate the sail effect caused by the wind in outdoor draperies. These new techniques remain hidden from the eye and give a seamless appearance but work effectively.

Wind-proof-outdoor-draperies-curtains by Riviera Décor Corpus Christi, Texas

Wind-proof outdoor draperies by Riviera Décor Corpus Christi, Texas


Think outside the box

Anytime you are working with outdoor décor you are constantly solving problems. One of our recent clients had horrible wind gusts to contend with on her back patio. The solution was an easy one and we used what the clients had on hand. In the picture below we used the existing hurricane shutters the client had, painted them and installed them. To break up the hard surface of the hurricane shutters we made a custom Roman shade. As you can see, this is the grilling area; in order to keep the panels and Roman shade clean from the grill, we installed clear Plexiglas and the problem is solved to protect the Roman shade and wind-proof-outdoor-draperies.



outdoor draperies/curtains

Outdoor curtains, Roman shade, outdoor cushions and pillows designed and manufactured by Riviera Décor serving Corpus Christi, Rockport, Port Aransas, Texas




Happy Summer everyone! Stay posted with our series on outdoor décor. I promise you will learn a lot on how to make those outdoor spaces comfortable and enjoyable with your Family …especially outdoors!

Would you like to see how we can change your space so dramatically with outdoor curtains, replacement outdoor patio cushions and linens for entertaining?  Fill out our contact page.

From our Products Page:

Design and wind-proof outdoor draperies, Outdoor Replacement Patio Cushions, Chaise lounges, outdoor pillows, outdoor curtains, outdoor table linens By Riviera Décor

Fabric: Sunbrella

Outdoor Drapery Hardware: Helser Brothers




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