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Do you think about outdoor foam when selecting your outdoor furnishings? Perhaps, like most people you do not. When foam is chosen for an outdoor space you need to consider the application and which properties are most needed in the environment your cushions will be in. This is another reason you want to select a professional with dual credentials as both a designer and a master couturier/seamstress who is professionally trained to make these selections and carries the educational credentials in both areas. Part IV of VIII in our Outdoor Blog series.  Choosing the right outdoor foam for lasting comfort and beauty.

Outdoor Foam- selcting the right foam for the right purpose

Chaise lounge with replacement outdoor cushions and specialized foam designed to drain water rapidly. Riviera Décor Corpus Christi, Texas

Different types of outdoor foam have been engineered for different applications. They have been engineered for several different functions such as: float, drain water and prevent mold and mildew. However, if you are like most people when you first went to the “big box store” and selected your outdoor cushions you never gave a thought as to the foam nor the quality of the foam inside the cushion. Maybe you knew certain outdoor fabrics were good choices but never knew what type of foam to look for.  And yet, the foam is what supports us with comfort out by the pool.

Types of Outdoor Cushion Foam

When selecting an outdoor foam, bear in mind the foam that is selected for your chaise lounge by the pool will be different from the foam chosen for your covered patio, and different for your outdoor chairs as well. Let us look at Chaise lounge for example

Outdoor Foam

Photography by Eddie seal as featured in the Corpus Christi Caller Times, Sunday Homes, May 2017


What is more relaxing then laying on a chaise lounge pool side and hearing the soft flow of water flowing form the waterfall by your pool? Outdoor living is very popular in our coastal community since the weather is mostly beautiful in our area. For this reason, many people spend a lot of time pool side and in chaise lounges. However, the biggest complaint we receive is regarding chaise lounges and people feeling like they are drowning in soggy swimsuits that never dry on them. Well, that is due to poor foam selection among other poor choices made in the selections for the chaise lounge. Chaise lounges can be made to run water off quickly and completely. No more soggy swimsuits! Even after a rain. This is our standard for Riviera Décor.

Indoor seating and outdoor seating

The foam you select for pool side seating and covered patio seating will also be different. However, whether you have cushions for chaise lounges, pool side seating and covered patio seating all three foam types at minimal, should be mildew resistant. The amount of mildew resistance for the foam goes up significantly with the better outdoor foams. As featured in the picture below, a total of four different types outdoor foam was used in this outdoor space.  Each selection was based upon the application, properties needed in the environment the cushions will be in and frequency of use.


Outdoor Foam

Wind resistant outdoor curtains and draperies, replacement outdoor cushions, outdoor slipcovers and pillows. Riviera Décor Corpus Christi


Key indicators for a quality Outdoor Cushion

Our gold standard for Rivera Décor and our quality outdoor cushions is that we have a minimum of three layers that go in our cushions. The additional two layers further protect the outdoor foam from mold and mildew. When you open an outdoor cushion of quality that is made to last well past 10 years- after all, you have made some beautiful selections and they need to last! Check the inside of the cushion.  At minimal, you should see two layers with a preference for three.
Next time you shop for outdoor cushions, remember what to look for in outdoor foam and also look for a top-grade fabric- See our Blog post “Outdoor fabric- Don’t be Fooled” August 1, 2017


On a side note, many thanks to our wonderful clients who asked how are we after hurricane Harvey. We are doing fine. We took a hit but not a direct hit from hurricane Harvey. Our hearts and prayers go the people in the aftermath of hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. We are catching up…even on Blog posts. For those of you who asked; yes, we will be posting soon on our wind resistant outdoor draperies.

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