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Outdoor cushions, slipcovers and pillows for seasonal décor

Fall outdoor spaces can be just a beautiful as the summer spaces.  Let’s update the look for the season using the picture below for inspiration.  I love this picture, don’t you?  I just want to fall into the cushions by the warm fireplace with a good book and relax.


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How to get the fall outdoor look

This is one of my favorite pictures for fall décor by House Beautiful.  It captures my attention because it is obviously a fall color palette.  It is an inviting and very soothing place to fall into because it is monochromatic and brought to life by texture.  How does the room create this mood?  Obviously by the texture of the woods and brick, but also it is repeated in the bench cushions, pillows  and throw.  A look like this is not achieved by a purchase at the ‘big box store’.  Someone who is both experienced in design and knowledable in the techniques of high end custom home furnishings creates this look.  At one time, fine custom home décor was only available to the trade. Riviera Décor is now changing that, and our finely crafted products are made to last for many years.  You can achieve a look similar to this with just replacement outdoor patio cushions and slipcovers by contacting Riviera Décor.

Summer to Fall

You can bring a summertime porch to life for the fall season with a simple change of outdoor cushions or outdoor slipcovers.  Start with an autumn palette and an add texture woven into the fabric.  Mix this together with outdoor pillows and your fall look is under way.  I really like the look of these custom pillows, especially the lumbar pillow.  This gives my eye a break from the standard and very plain big box store pillow.  Let’s also not forget that throw in a color contrast that beckons your attention.  Throws are nice added touch for your outdoor fall décor.

Fall Outdoor Décor with Slipcover Cushions in Fall Colors

A Lively Contrast

The first picture is a very calm monochromatic palette, but this is one is a bit more lively with some strong contrast in those stripes.  However, it is beautiful and it is lively.  This is an energizing space for the fall.

Notice how in each of these pictures you can easily coordinate your outdoor space for the season by changing out your cushions, slipcovers, pillows and throws.  You can also use red for the fall season, and now you have your outdoor Christmas space with a change of accessories as well.

Best of all, this prolongs the life of your cushion covers.  Some of our outdoor cushion covers are now going on 15 years without ever changing them out.  You know what?  While all this is great, it is nice to give yourself a break and enjoy the seasons with a change of coordinating color for your outdoor room.

Happy fall…ya’ll!

If you would like to see what we can do for your space, fill out our contact page or call 361-765-2495 for an appointment.  Riviera Décor in Corpus Chishti, Texas

For fall outdoor fabric look to one of our suppliers: Sunbrella fabrics

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