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And you thought wind-proof-outdoor draperies were only meant for magazine covers or resort vacations?  Think again! At last, Riviera Décor has designed and now manufactures a line of wind-proof outdoor draperies.

Wind-proof-outdoor draperies that are designed to last

Wind-proof-outdoor draperies is truly ground-breaking news for beautiful outdoor spaces that last!


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We need to thank our  lead designer, workroom owner  and master couturier/designer  for Riviera Décor, Melissa Hammann, who designed, engineered and field tested numerous prototypes for outdoor draperies.  Our clients live along the Texas Gulf Coast, where the strong, gusty winds, intense sun and humidity can wreak havoc on outdoor furnishings.  In order to meet the demand, we have worked tirelessly to overcome these conditions.     Finally, after field testing numerous outdoor curtains throughout several seasons, we have developed a product that withstands strong wind.

For wind-proof-outdoor draperies- Contact an Expert

Wind-resistant outdoor draperies require an expert both in manufacturing and the installation.   As noted throughout this Blog series, you will want to have a designer and a master couturier that specialize in outdoor décor to achieve the best results.  However, these designs and expert craftsmanship in sewing would never show or perform to their best without expert installation.  This is especially true when it comes to outdoor décor and installations that must endure strong wind gusts.

Available to Homeowners and Designers

Our unique outdoor curtains, including expert installation, are available directly to homeowners in South Texas.  Give us a call at 361-765-2495 and let’s get started!

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From our Products Page:

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Fabric: Sunbrella

Outdoor Drapery Hardware: Helser Brothers


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