Curtains Pleated to Pattern

You may be wondering what a curtain pleated to pattern is?  Well, lets begin by defining what it is not.  Have you ever been to the ‘big box store” whether shopping for Curtains in Corpus Christi or elsewhere and wanted something different? Not the neutral, solid color, standard, boring curtain panel that you always see?  Maybe you wanted something a little different with a design motif (pattern) and texture.  Have you ever wondered why you could not find them?  Well, lets talk about one of our projects this week for Riviera Décor.

Here are the two pictures.  As always, sometimes we have to go back to the clients house and finish due to budget constraints.   What is still needed is woven woods that we carry, drapery rods and rings as well.   However, I think they look very pretty just starting out don’t you agree?  A quick picture with our phone prior to leaving.



Curtains Corpus Christi

Curtains pleated to pattern

If you will notice in these curtains, you are not seeing a random display of the geometric print everywhere but a calm to the eye as the same pattern repeat comes to the front.  When curtain panels are not pleated to some form of pattern, it brings chaos to the eye to look at them. Quite often, you have to study the fabric and see what repeat you want to showcase.  And, in our case, get the clients approval.  In this particular fabric, the best look given the repeat with the pattern and the amount of width needed in this fabric, is to have the this particular repeat shown- continuously come forward.  Not a big deal, you may say?  Here is what we had to consider with these curtain panels.

  1. The amount of width is specified to fill the empty wall spaces and keep the pool view outside. We always hear, do not cover the view.   Therefore, this requires a careful calculation so the same repeat comes forward and it finishes at the required width. In this particular case, to obtain the required amount needed in width, we added extra fabric to the end of the curtain panel to achieve the fullness needed.
  2. The type of pleat and the fullness needed is another factor to consider.  An inverted pleat with a low projection is the pleat style chosen by this client since there is limited space behind this couch to allow room for other elements in the room. The client did not want to see pleats squashed by the couch and I do not blame her.

The two points listed above require a lot of math for the specified amount needed.  Not every designer is willing to do this, nor does every workroom.  They just hope the client does not notice.  At Riviera Décor, it is our standard  Very custom. You will not find this at a ‘big box store’ nor any third-party-lowest bidder who is willing to do this.  Even worse, they are not even aware they should do it..  It is not quick, cheap and easy to do.

The professional results obtained are beautiful and worth the effort.

A design element that I am glad our client chose was to add banding to the top of the curtain to draw the eye up and make the room look bigger.  It accents the motif of the pattern repeat and the two buttons at each pleat add the right touch.  This all coordinates with the pillows on the couch as well.  Sometimes, you really need to have design with repetition to unify your space.  However, look at how well it coordinates but ‘mixes it up’ a little with the next picture.


Curtains Pleated to Pattern – II

Curtains Corpus Christi, Texas

Curtains Pleated to Pattern

In the picture shown above, the curtains are in the same room.   However, the client wanted a different look for behind the breakfast table.  She did not want the curtains to sit flat against the wall but bring interest to the eye is what she wanted and what we suggested.  A little different then the den but still coordinates since it is in the same room.  So. what you do not see but made a huge difference is this window is not centered on the wall, neither is the chandelier , which means the table is not centered.  So, using our digital software and reconfiguring the table and knowing exactly where the window treatment needed to be to balance the architecture in this room- we brought much needed order and balance to this breakfast room.  Curtains, are quite often used to balance architectural features.

In order to pleat to pattern for this breakfast room curtain,  we had to add some fabric from one area and add it to another.  Hard to explain, but easily to visualize with a geometric print.


For a detailed look for the Pleat to Pattern for the Curtains and the Heading differences each made, look below.  It is rather pretty, would you agree?


Curtains Corpus Christi, Texas

Pleat to Pattern Curtain with Inverted Pleat, Banding and Button Detail- Den







Curtains, Corpus Christi, Texas

Pleat to Pattern Detail with contrast pleat inserts and button detail


I like the different graphic detail produced by the different pleating styles.


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