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So, what is this called again?

Scaldino, it  just rolls off the tongue and sounds so exotic and beautiful- but what is it?  Loosely translated it is Italian for foot warmer or’ little heater’.  They are all the rage these days! The scaldino of today is a mini comforter  used mostly to protect the duvet or bedspread from objects you might place on it such as a suitcase.




Custom Bedding Corpus Christi, Texas

Scaldino for classic French inspired MBR suite. Custom headboard, duvet and pillows by Rivera Décor Corpus Christi, Texas


So, where do you find a Scaldino?

If you have traveled to any resort or boutique hotels you may find one at the foot of the bed.  They can be as ornate as the one pictured above or they can be a slip of fabric.  Quite often, we will use excess drapery fabric to fashion a custom scaldino to fit the room’s décor, while adding in other fabrics from pillows and other elements as well for a custom and well designed room.  The fill used for a scaldino varies according to the end result you want.  However, the look you do not want is to look like tissue.  As always, custom work is better and saves you more money and time in the end since we can coordinate and add in dressmaker details with high-end sewing techniques that will last for years to come.  Always add in these extra details.

Our Portfolio features more examples of custom bedding.

A few more examples

The pictures featured below are not of my work but rather examples I have pulled from the Internet.  I have not found any logos or copy to give credit to.

Scaldino Bedding Corpus Christi, Texas


The scaldino of today can be ornate to very simple.  In the above picture this is simple with little or no embellishments.  The beauty is in the well appointed fabric with the contrasting and solid background.

Scaldino-Custom Bedding- Corpus Christi, Texas

Quilted Scaldino

A scaldino can be quilted Note in the picture above how it compliments the quilted bedspread in perfect detail.  Custom details always look the best for scaldinos and luxurious bedding.



Scaldino-Custom Bedding- Riviera Decor Corpus Christi, Texas

Luxurious detail

The scaldino featured above has long been one of my favorites and used for inspiration in our above design.  However, at Riviera Décor we improved on the design and added in the correct couture finishes.  You will not find machine stitched hems in our silks nor any puckering.

Would you like to see you space transformed?  Fill out our contact sheet for a complimentary design meeting.  We produce design renderings of our proposals for you to visualize what your new space will look like.

Fabric credits: Catania Silks, Greenhouse Fabrics













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