Value in Custom Draperies

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Nothing can elevate a well-designed and furnished room more than expertly-crafted and designed custom home décor.  Especially custom draperies.  The opposite is especially true, nothing can ruin or diminish the value of a beautifully designed room quicker then poorly designed and crafted custom draperies. We repeat this often on our website but browse any home décor magazine and see for yourself.

The topic for this Blog, I will admit, was a struggle early on in my career and business.  If you will read my bio, my degree and original background is in accounting and finance.  In order to answer this question to my satisfaction, it needed to be in sound facts and numbers.  Ultimately, the answer is in the beginning paragraph. Yes, there is more to be said but this is meant to be a short Blog.   After all, we invest too much time, effort and money in our home to spoil the appearance with poorly executed curtains or window treatments.


Custom draperies and curtains Corpus Christi, Texas Riviera Decor

Custom draperies and nail head cornice with contrasting borders and wrought-iron filigree by Riviera Décor, Corpus Christi, Texas

Custom Draperies- A case study

Occasionally, we cannot wait to start on a favorite design.  This one happened to be one of our favorites.  Below is the proposed rendering.

Proposed window treatment rendering of cornice to Riviera Decor; Corpus Christi, Texas

Proposed window treatment rendering of cornice to Riviera Décor; Corpus Christi, Texas


Inspection of fabric for Custom Draperies and all home décor

Our clients selected their fabric with expert guidance from us and fabric orders placed. Upon arrival of the fabric, it was carefully inspected for flaws, grain alignment, pattern drifting and yardage verification. The inspection process is as tedious as it sounds. Most sewing workrooms will ignore the inspection process. Or, at minimal, provide a cursory look. However, if you skip this essential step, nothing will look right from this point on no matter what you do.

At Riviera Décor,  quality begins from step one with expert guidance on the correct choice of fabric to the four points of inspection upon arrival of the fabric.  This is the reason why you want your custom window treatments sourced locally and not outsourced.  Visual inspections are continuously performed and corrections made immediately on-site.

The first shipment of fabric in this project did not pass inspection.  However, with our suppliers, we can return flawed fabric and have it replaced immediately.  The second shipment arrived free of any apparent flaws upon inspection. However, we lost one week for our holiday deadline.

Construction of Custom Drapery Panels

The project started with the custom drapery panels. A soft black out lining was chosen to minimize differences of sun shading and protection of the face fabric as well. The three luscious layers give the panels a rich, fluid and sculptural look.  At Riviera Décor, we apply numerous high-end finishes (techniques)  to our panels along with hand finishes that allow our panels to drape and show much nicer. These curtains are sewn similar to an  English curtain panel.  A hybrid approach if you will.

Although not shown due to limited space, we were able to coordinate several more design elements into the room using the fabric from the curtains bringing a more harmonious feel to the room.  Important elements in the principles of Interior Design.

Construction of the Cornice

Actually, two cornice are built in this case. If you will look closely at the detail picture you will find contrasting borders. This is accomplished by making an overlay for the cornice necessitating  two builds. Note the picture below, It is always amazing to me that something starts out in such a rough finish can turn out so elegant and beautiful.

Custom cornice build of window treatment by Riviera Decor; Corpus Christi, Texas

Custom cornice build of window treatment by Riviera Décor; Corpus Christi, Texas

Which becomes this

Draperies, Corpus Christi, Texas; Riviera Decor

Detail of nail head cornice and window treatment by Riviera Decor; Corpus Christi, Texas


We begin by layering the cornice with other material prior to the application of the feature fabrics.  Prior to application, the fabrics require certain techniques to perform for what we need them to do.  This extra step requires extra time but well worth the effort as proven in the results.  The process is repeated twice to achieve the contrasting borders. At this point, with clients approval, the addition of the twist cord is made which is a lovely detail to this cornice, do you agree?  It coordinates nicely with the embroidery detail in the curtain.   Note the detail picture below.


The finishing touches of the custom window treatment

Our last two touches are what truly makes this window treatment come alive. That is,  the nail head trim and wrought iron filigree.  The nail head trim and wrought-iron filigree are elements that are repeated through out the room  and the window treatment ties it all together.  However, it is a ‘bit of the unexpected’ in a tasteful manner which always commands more attention. This is accomplished with the wrought-iron filigree. A little off centered and draped through the middle adds a lovely touch.

Draperies, Corpus Christi, Texas; Riviera Decor

Detail of nail head cornice and window treatment by Riviera Décor; Corpus Christi, Texas


Summary- Custom Draperies why do you want them given the cost?

1).  Windows are natural focal points in any room since the eye is automatically drawn to the light.  You want the focal point to show as best as it can.  A poorly designed and crafted window treatment cheapens any room.

2). Design through repetition is easy to incorporate through custom home décor allowing you to feel more comfortable in your interior space.

3).  From a personal note of professional experience… One couple declined the custom window treatments due to cost and elected to spend their money on hunting trophies.  The couple decided to sell their home due to relocation.  Shortly after listing the home, I received a frantic call from the client who  at the encouragement of the Real Estate agent requested the hunting trophies be replaced with custom Roman shades and drapery panels.  This is a true story!



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