Is your patio furniture looking old and worn out?  Does it need updating?  Spring is coming and now is the time to get your outdoor spaces ready!  You do not necessarily need to replace your patio furniture and it does not need to be costly.  Let’s look at some ways to update your outdoor space with a fresh and beautiful new look. You will not find this at the big-box store…Let’s face it, the big-box store is boring and very repetitive.  You can find patio furniture with custom outdoor products such as  outdoor curtains, cushions and pillows from Riviera Decor

Want something new and different but still within good taste? Lets look at some inspirational photos of some patios.  Remember, the easiest and least costly way to breathe new life into your outdoor furniture is with new cushions, pillows, outdoor curtains and rugs.  Lets take a look at how new outdoor cushions, curtains, pillows and rugs can change and update your patio furniture.  It does not always take new outdoor furniture, pool or outdoor water feature.  They are beautiful but not always in the budget.

Below is a beautiful picture I found of a patio.  The design and color is amazing.  What makes this space look so amazing is the outdoor curtains.  Take a look…

outdoor cushions, outdoor curtains, outdoor pillows

This patio space is made beautiful with the custom outdoor curtains, cushions and pillows

The patio furniture is minimal and uncluttered but if  you will look closely it is the  the outdoor curtains that make the space with  a ‘bit of the unexpected’ and that is the the contrast banding along the leading edge.  The fabric in the banding is repeated in the pillow used as a focal point on the swing.  Remember, outdoor curtains can be made to be wind resistant read here.      The colorful pillows add a much needed splash of color for balance. Notice, what brings them to life is the different trims added to each one.  In case you are wondering,  Sunbrella also sells a line of trim as well.  Or, your own trim can be made using Sunbrella fabric.  It is just as long lasting as the fabric and looks much nicer then the standard big-box store pillow with knife edges.  This is a patio space anyone would want to spend time on!

Normally, as in the picture above,  I cannot resist an outdoor swing with a French mattress cushion.  However, this swing actually looks better without a cushion.  Wondering what a French mattress cushion is?  Look at the picture below.  The French  mattress cushion is quite popular with the outdoor bed swings we see now but I also like it in the cushions below.  Take a look…

Outddor curtains, outdoor cushions and outdoor pillows. Riviera Decor Corpus Christi, Texas

Outdoor curtains, French mattress cushions and outdoor pillows

The cushions for this patio furniture are beautiful above done with the look of the French mattress cushion or as some people call them- farm house cushion. Either way, they add to the natural look of this outdoor space and keep the white cushions from looking boring.  The numerous pillows are also inviting.  Teak patio furniture in the finish shown here is always a classic with a French cushion.  Look to our outdoor products for this look.

What I like about this patio design is what we all have to deal with in outdoor spaces and that is numerous hard surfaces and often it is a column.  The way to soften the columns and make a space feel more inviting is the outdoor curtain on each side of the column.  Want to add a pop of color, add drama and  height to the space?  Add a contrast banding along the leading edge of the curtain. This really looks good when framing  a column.   Take a look at the picture below…

Patio furniture with outdoor curtains and outdoor cushions

Outdoor curtains with leading edge banding and tiebacks, outdoor cushions and pillows.

Note, that it is the colors and the banding along the leading edge of the outdoor drapery that makes this space looks so stunning.  The tiebacks are also coordinating with the leading edge as well.  This is a beautiful patio to have breakfast on!  Can I also add white wicker patio furniture is always a classic!

If you are thinking these pictures are beautiful but you will never be able to sit on these cushions due to moisture.  Read our previous post on selecting the right foam here.

Outdoor curtains, outdoor cushions, pillows and outdoor rug. Custom outdoor chandelier

I love how this space is layered in with different elements.  The grommet outdoor curtains along with the custom outdoor cushions and pillows.  As much as I love outdoor chandeliers, I always include the right mixture of outdoor fans to keep the mosquitoes away.  Read here for more information on keeping unwelcome pests away from your outdoor space.

As always, we highly recommend Sunbrella fabrics.  Many of the spaces we designed 15-20 years ago are still looking good today.  For care on your Sunbrella fabrics or to keep them water and stain resistant read here.  The proprietary  finish on Sunbrella may wear after a period of time and may need to be reapplied.

Also, remember we often need to hide or disguise some features outside.  For instance, behind this Roman shade with the nautical inset rope banding framed by the wind-resistant outdoor draperies is an ugly aluminum hurricane shutter.  The aluminum hurricane shutter allows the homeowner to keep the outdoor grill on the patio and not to be blown into the pool on windy days.  However, it was ugly and needed to be disguised so we painted it and disguised it further with the Roman shade and outdoor curtains.  While waiting for the BBQ to be done, the homeowner can sit cozily on the swing  under a fan and enjoy a good read!

Outdoor furniture and custom outdoor cushions, wind resistant outdoor curtains and Roman shade

Wind resistant outdoor curtains and coordinating Roman shade and pillows with outdoor cushions.

Complement your outdoor draperies and cushions with custom placemats and drink covers, to complete your room for outdoor entertainment.

I hope this Blog has been helpful and we have inspired you to redesign your outdoor space to enjoy with your family and friends. If you are looking for more helpful ideas on outdoor spaces subscribe to our Blog.   If we can help in your design choices or products needed for your outdoor space schedule a free design consultation here

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