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Outdoor placemats and drink covers to keep bugs away!

Yes, they do exist!  It is that time of the year and beautiful weather is upon us.  So is our opportunity to enjoy outdoor dining.  You can enjoy your dining experience outside with the right outdoor placemats and drink covers designed to keep away the unwanted guest of outdoors and that would be bugs!.

How to keep the bugs off your food

We all love our outdoor dining experiences and the fun times we have with family, friends and fourth of July barbeques.  How often are these wonderful times ruined with the uninvited guests such as bugs who fly in or around the food?  The problem is not having placemats, drink covers and food covers designed for the outdoors.

You and your guest do not want to deal with bugs on their cutlery nor flies in their drink or chase napkins across the table in the wind. There is very little fun in outdoor dining like this!

These outdoor table linens of placemats, drink covers and napkins are not only beautiful but function and specifically made for the outdoors.   The placemats have an enclosed pocket for napkins and flatware and a drink cover designed to keep bugs and dirt out while keeping the wind from blowing everything away.  All made with Sunbrella fabric to coordinate with our clients existing outdoor decor.  Perhaps it is a ‘Southern Living’ thing but we cover the top of our tea glasses to keep the flies out and the coolness in.  I think I need several of these for my ice tea by the chaise lounge.

What I love about these outdoor placemats and drink covers is that they can be custom made to match your outdoor linens or outdoor cushions as well.

 Inspirational ideas for setting an outdoor table

Here is a table beautifully set with outdoor linens and drink covers.  I like the coordinating table cover and cushions as well.  This makes the preparation of outdoor entertaining quick and easy when you have your outdoor table linens already prepared.  These are custom and made to last with Sunbrella fabric.  You can match any outdoor cushions or create custom outdoor linens.

Outdoor Placemats

Outdoor Placemats and Drink Covers for Outdoor Dining comfortably while keeping the bugs off the food and out of the drinks!

These outdoor placemats also  function well for outdoor gatherings served buffet style such as a family barbecue.  They have the option of rolling up tight for easy access on a buffet table.   There are no worries of outdoor unwashed hands reaching for flatware and napkins.  Everything is enclosed in the handy pouch with the drink cover.  The outdoor table cover is custom made as well to coordinate perfectly with the outdoor placemats and drink covers.  Note, the contrast mitered striped banding.   These design details such as these you will not find at any big-box store.

 More ideas to keep the guest and yourself comfortable

If you have these outdoor placemats, table covers and drink covers on hand (order here) you can set and stage a beautiful backyard for outdoor entertaining rather quickly and efficiently.  However, remember comfortable outdoor seating by reading our Blog post here.  You can also read about keeping your outdoor space pest free with our Blog post here.


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