Patio Curtains that last…We have the Pattern!

White billowy patio curtains set the stage for dreaming of resort white sandy beaches, soft blue clear water and blue sunny skies.  Imagine waves softly rolling in while you are soaking in some sun?  Imagine this setting relaxing on a nice cozy chaise lounge.  The picture of comfort and relaxation!  Well, that is what we are all about here at Riviera Decor in Corpus Christi, Texas/Padre Island

If you are like most of us, the setting below is what you dream of…  So relaxing and peaceful…  I want this!  Do you?

Patio Curtains

So, this picture becomes an inspiration for patio curtains a possible DIY you attempt to make at home.  Easy peasy-right?   Instead, the picture below shows what really happens and what you resign yourself to.  After all, wind is wind…

Quite often what seems so easy is not.  This is especially true when it comes to outdoor decor.  Designing and sewing for outdoor furnishings that can last can be very difficult.  At Riviera Decor, we have become in many ways the experts of outdoor decor.  One of the many things our clients enjoy is patio curtains or outdoor draperies for their homes along Padre Island/South Padre Island where we are located.  These are beach front homes. However, who wants to have outdoor curtains if they are going to be tied up all the time?  Patio curtains do not have to be tied up due to wind conditions nor do they have to be shortened to the degree above to stop the billow effect of the wind at the hem line.

What is the answer to the longevity of Patio Curtains?

We have been asked numerous times about the Patio Curtain featured below in our cover picture.   Yes, it is wind-resistant.  Details below…

Outdoor room design and fabrication by Melissa Hammann with Riviera Decor. As seen in “Sunday Homes”, by the Corpus Christi, Caller Times

and they about five years old and left out all year.  I believe it still looks great and is currently part of our sample program on display.  The fabric is a Sunbrella  from their Sheer line and their sheer line is one of my favorites!

Are you still wondering what the answer is to wind-resistant patio curtains?  Book an appointment!

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