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A Roman shade is a simple piece of fabric-right?

Roman shade(s) have been around for centuries, although lately, with the current trend of pairing a Shade with a Drapery Panel,  you would think that this is their first appearance.  After all, a Roman Shade  is the perfect way to showcase a beautiful fabric, beautiful banding or trim for very little cost in fabric.

There are lots of Blog post that can be written about Roman Shades such as …

  1. Do I want a Flat, Hobbled, Relaxed or Double-Sided Roman Shade? Yes
  2. Do I want a banded or trimmed shade, or do I pay attention to the folds asit is constructed? Yes
  3. What do I do about the cords and safety for children? Read here,
  4. Do I have to see all the mess of strings and rings  at the glass plate?  Not necessarily.

These are just a few questions you can and should ask yourself when considering a Roman Shade.  However, for the purposes of our discussion we are going to limit this Blog post to this beautiful, stunning Roman Shade constructed for this Award-Winning long-arm Quilt Studio Owner. You can see some of her quilt studio in the reflection of the window below. As you can imagine, for this client,  we felt very honored to be chosen for this project.  You will have to forgive my lack of photography skills here.  The pictures do not do justice to the crisp white faux silk fabric and graphic silver embroidery.  To say the fabric was breathtakingly beautiful is putting it lightly.

Custom Roman Shade, Riviera Decor Corpus Christi, Texas,

Over-sized Roman shade, pleated to pattern with French Black Out

What are the fabrication steps for a high-end Roman shade?

The process begins with a light test.  It was, however, difficult to do a light test wherein the face fabric stayed a crisp white, with no light strikes from the needle holes, and yet keep the insulation quality this quilting studio needed from the hot sun.  Six light tests and several hours later, we found the perfect balance of interlining and lining that provided the insulation value needed with no light strikes from needle holes which resembles more of the Milk Way galaxy on your shade when you let it down while it is light outside and dark in the house.  As you can see, a light test is extremely important to avoid light strikes, preserve the coloring of your face fabric and to ensure you have the correct interlinings and linings as well.

A high-end Roman shade involves extra time consuming steps

The problem with this method is we now had 18 yards of fabric that spanned a total of 108″ that had to move together for an operational Roman Shade.  Yes, we addressed that too!  We used a high-end method of joining the fabrics that is actually a standard in our Sewing Studio/Workroom.  These standards that we have in place are what make a Riviera Decor product stand out for it’s beauty.  All eighteen yards of fabric were perfectly joined.  Of course, this was completed after the widths of face fabric were joined perfectly creating a virtually seamless look considering the silk graphic embroidery.

A compliant Roman shade for the current safety standards

After all the fabric work  was completed, we added in the safety compliant rings at a precision point in order to have the shade fold to a perfect pattern repeat. For more detail read here Of course, this is all done on the back side of the Roman Shade were you cannot see.  Remember the layers of fabric are all locked together at this point.  A total of 150 Roman Shade Ring (and Ring Locks for safety compliance,) were hand sewn with out any light strikes. Not an easy feat!

This is just a snippet of what we do in custom home decor. And, you thought sewing was just watching a needle go up and down…Nothing to it?

For more samples of our Draperies and Shades, take a look at our portfolio here:

We are still wrapping up a few things for the homeowner but all in all, I love her review and always want a happy customer in the end.

Roman Shade review client review, Riviera Decor, Corpus Christi, Texas

Client Review for Custom Roman shade


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