How do we make the amazing things we do?

We love it when we get the  “WOW” effect from our clients when they see their rooms for the first time when we install or deliver new custom curtains, upholstery or outdoor furnishings. So, how did we learn to make such amazing things we are often asked?  It has been a lot of education and hard work! Check out our Portfolio.

If you go to our website and read our ‘About Us‘  section, you will find as a former educator I am a strong believer in education.  In order to be the best in your field- one of the many things you do is to pursue the best raining possible.  For us, it all began at the Custom Home Furnishings Academy in Charlotte, N.C.  When, in its existence, it was the largest and most prestigious school for Custom Home Furnishings and staffed with notable leaders in the industry.  One of the more notable leaders in the industry has continued with her own school ‘Workroom Tech‘ and the ‘Custom Workroom Conference‘.  The Custom Workroom Conference is held annually and do we ever learn a lot!

Custom Workroom Conference 2018

We just returned from the Custom Workroom Conference for 2018 in Spartanburg, N.C.  near Biltmore Estate in beautiful Ashville, N.C.    The classes we attended and the material we learned was outstanding.


You may be asking yourself…“So, what is a Workroom?”. I too asked myself the very same question when starting out.  Basically, it is a sewing studio for custom curtain and upholstery makers.  I will also add that while I have a Master’s Degree with honors this has got to be one of the most challenging fields of study.  Not as easy as one might think and it requires a lot of study!


What we learned in Curtains and Upholstery

One of the most interesting classes taught by a leader in the world of high-end upholstery was Grant Tick of Design Industry by Grant Trick  

Upholstery tufting, eight way spring tying

Grant Trick of ‘Design Industry by Grant Trick’ on upholstery tufting


Another great class was on Custom Bedding.  Nothing can transform a Master Bedroom Suite more then Custom Bedding

Custom Bedding Riviera Decor Corpus Christi, Texas

Nancy Letts of Pine House Drapery



While we may learn a lot of material on expert craftsmanship in sewing and design we also learn about difficult installations of Window Treatments…Bay/Bow windows, two-story draperies and much more…

Curtains, Draperies, Upholstery, Riviera Decor Corpus Christi, Texas

Robin Matthews, Seams Sew Right, NJ


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