Custom Bedding expertly designed and crafted such as comforters, duvets, pillows, bed skirt, scaldino and curtains- all adds up to one thing and that is a luxurious master bedroom worthy of any design magazine. Best of all, it is something you will want to retreat into!

An important point to remember here is… this feeling of a well-appointed luxurious Master Bedroom Retreat does not come in a bag from the ‘big-box” store. Luxurious Master Bedroom suites are expertly designed and crafted by a Home Decor Couturier.

In the picture featured below is a Master Bedroom Suite that we designed and completed prior to Christmas of 2018. It is the Custom Bedding that brought luxury to this Master Bedroom Suite. There is now a balance of hard and soft furnishings. Over 500 yards of fabric went into this project to make it look this rich. The paisley feature fabric is perfect contrast for the faux painting while the orange silk is outstanding- would you agree? How did we make this all happen? Read along and find out.

Custom Bedding, Comforter, Pillows, Curtains, Corpus Christi, Riviera Decor
Custom Bedding of Comforter, Euro pillows, king shams, scaldino, bed ruffle and curtains. Design and sewing fabrication by Riviera Decor

For Contrast, here is the “Before” picture. Quite a contrast, would you agree?

The elements of Custom Bedding

The Primary Focal Point

While the primary focal point in any bedroom is most likely the bed, the secondary focal point is usually the window since the eye is naturally drawn to light. Beautiful bedding like this is not your ‘bedding in a bag’ from the ‘big box store’. It all begins with a professional design specifically for the room that is harmonious with it’s surroundings. Measurements will also be made to ensure that all soft furnishings are to scale for the room and furniture.

Why do I want Custom Bedding?

Follow us through the process with each element beginning from the floor up and then decide for yourself…

Custom Bed Ruffle

Would you believe the bed ruffle is silk? The beautiful orange you see throughout the picture is a faux silk. Wonder why it is not tissue thin like most silk and actually stands out from the bed unlike a standard bed ruffle you buy from the ‘big-box’ store? Would you believe we have over six-layers in that bed skirt of different fabrics to achieve that look? We also made the final lining to ensure the bed skirt would not curl under the bed and in fact, remain full. What are the six layers you are asking and how did we finish the lining? Well, those are the trade secrets we keep to ourselves….shhh!

Custom Comforter

The custom comforter design is to contrast and highlight with the faux painting on the wall while showcasing the luxurious bed ruffle and custom pillows and scaldino. Custom quilting with light ‘fill’ hand sewn border finish the job. The comforter is reversible to showcase the faux silk lining

Bedding Pillows and Scaldino

In any bedroom design, we all know the bed is the natural focal point. So, it stands to reason we want it to be as beautiful as possible and the big box store is not the answer…

With a huge space existing between the headboard and mattress something needed to fill the space and update the look of the headboard as well. We then selected three Euro shams to fill the empty space. They also needed king size shams in front of the Euro, to keep the grand look look of the bed and room. I love the contrast mitered border of the king shams. Also note these shams are truly reversible for a completely different look if our clients so choose. We also layered in a Bolster pillow with contrast overlay and trim to the correct proportion needed. This gave the pillows the 1/3 space we needed. Due to the voluminous size of this room upon entering this space, we needed an anchor piece at the end of the bed. This is the scaldino you see. What else finishes off a grand bed like but a scaldino- would you agree?

Custom Bedding and Curtains Corpus Christi, Texas
Truly reversible custom pillow shams

The secondary focal point

While the bed is the obvious focal point in any bedroom design the secondary focal point is the window. Why is that? The eye is naturally drawn to light. This ‘wall of windows’ is now unified and softened with beautiful curtains and swag treatment. This is a modern version of a swag treatment using medallions to hold the swags. If you zoom in you will notice the gorgeous and transitional European trim of silk organza and crystal. Very beautiful and all hand sewn.

Custom bedding, pillows, curtains, Corpus Christi, Texas
Custom bedding of comforter, pillows, bed-skirt, scaldino and draperies

For Contrast, here is the ‘Before” of the windows prior to the Curtains. Quite a difference would you agree?

The Master Bedroom Suite

Since so many Master Bedrooms are now ‘on-suite’ and have the Master Bath attached, the additional benefit of custom bedding and window treatments is that you can easily repeat the same design elements throughout the Master Bedroom Suite.

The Garden Tub below now shows in grand fashion and is now softened and warmed with this beautiful window treatment. The medallions for the swag treatment are also repeated in this design

Custom swag valance Corpus Christi, Texas
Custom lifted swag valance adds architectural interest to the garden tub

Now for the real star of the show…

Well, I cannot leave this Blog post without saying who the ‘real star’ of the show is and that is the family’s ‘fur baby.” She already has over 1,000 followers on Instagram but who could blame them with such a cute face like this one-right? She just had to have her own luxurious custom bed to match….

Custom dog bed Corpus Christi, Texas
Of course, custom master bedroom bedding requires a coordinating bed for the family pet

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