Arched, two-story, custom curtains on a grand stair case landing, silk with four luscious layers of fabric, arched, slouched, pleated to pattern, leading panel wraps around a stationary panel to form the tie-back, hem is even at the bottom and not angled- although the top of the curtain is an arch. The hem must be even at the bottom in order to show the imported European hand-sewn silk organza trim. This hem is not as easy as it looks.

Does this sound difficult to you? I hope so! In the area of Custom Home Decor we are rarely called to design, construct or sew the easy window treatments. We are asked to do the more difficult ones for obvious reasons.

Below is our stunning beauty- would you agree?

Arched, Asymmetrical silk Curtain, Mounted on Medallions

Custom Curtains require engineering

Yes, believe it or not, custom curtains require a great deal of engineering. The first time I heard this it was stated was in front of a leading engineer. The engineer balked at this statement. However, upon witnessing the process, he noted it was similar to civil engineering. What is true in civil engineering is true in custom curtains as well – you begin with the end in mind. Trite but true.

In the case of curtains, it is the hardware or the installation that will dictate everything going forward. This is, of course, after the fabric and design have been chosen.

How did you learn to make curtains like this?

We are often asked this question almost on a daily basis. Yes, experience is the best teacher. The school of hard knocks can be as well, but as we all know, the tuition can be very expensive. I was quite fortunate to have a mother who was a master couturier so I was quite aware of what quality construction was and should look alike. However, I wanted to learn from the best, and, believe it or not, there are professional schools for this. It felt like I was earning a second Master’s Degree.

It does however take years to learn fabric, linings and interlinings and pattern drafting. It can also take numerous calculations to get the right pleat or even the right drape of the cloth or pattern repeat.

Each window treatment is truly custom and that requires a certain amount of pattern drafting and calculations. Quite often you will hear the term “high-end” techniques. However, it is never one technique but the ability to choose which high-end technique is the best technique for a particular design, fabric and finish. This is where experience helps.

There is never a ‘one size fits all’. We are constantly reinventing the wheel since each curtain is truly custom.

We have all heard the old saying “There is nothing new under the sun”. That also applies to the custom home furnishings industry. The best finishes for custom home decor are still the hand finishes and not machine finishes.

So, if you order custom curtains and it takes a while, maybe this article will lend some understanding.

Do you have a difficult window treatment we can help you solve?

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