Outdoor patio curtains that resist the wind- believe it or not, they do exist! And, yes we do have them!

Why Riviera Outdoor Decor for Outdoor Curtains

Our wind-resistant outdoor curtains (patent pending) are engineered to withstand strong wind gust and will not have to be tied down nor heavily weighted.

We do not recommend tying or anchoring your outdoor curtains down. This will cause your curtain fabric to rip over time. Nor do we recommend adding weights to the bottom which will create a projectile in heavy wind conditions.

Why do I want outdoor curtains?

Outdoor patio curtains elevate the design of your outdoor space while adding an appeal of “a bit of the unexpected” to your space. All our products are truly custom and designed to coordinate in your outdoor space. Our wind-resistant outdoor curtains help to evoke that breezy, coastal, tropical feeling. When you step into your outdoor space with outdoor curtains, it will feel like an escape, like you are at a resort

Examples of our recent work

The picture below features an outdoor patio curtain that resist the wind. We installed this curtain in the Rockport, Texas area. In the picture, it is being tested at our studio.

What I love about this Outdoor Curtain is the Organic feeling. Perhaps, it is the sea shell trim on the tabs (you may need to zoom in) but it lends itself to a very organic ‘beachy’ feeling which is harmonious with the space where this home is…right on the beach in its Rockport, Texas home.

Tab Top, Wind-Resistant Outdoor Curtain with shell trim

Outdoor Patio Curtain_Rockport Texas_Riviera Decor
Wind-Resistant Patio Curtain In Sunbrella fabric for a coastal home in Rockport, Texas

Angled Tab Top Wind-Resistant Outdoor Curtain

Below is a studio picture of a recent outdoor curtain we installed in Port Aransas, Texas. This outdoor curtain is for a family home with young children. The Sunbrella fabric in the tabs seem to say ‘young and fun’, would you agree?

outdoor patio curtain, Aransas Pass, Texas
Wind-resistant outdoor patio curtain, in Sunbrella fabric for a Coastal home in Aransas Pass, Texas

Wind-resistant outdoor patio curtains coming soon in Ripple fold and Grommet styles soon!

What we have shown here are our outdoor curtains in various tab top styles that are stationary. However, we are adding to our current design selections for Wind-Resistant Outdoor Curtains in traversing styles as well. Ripple fold and Grommet styles are scheduled to be released shortly.

In addition, we also sell outdoor drapery hardware for Ripple fold and Grommet wind-resistant outdoor curtains as well. Not only beautiful, it withstands the harshest of all outdoor elements.

Outdoor Movie Screen?

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