Custom Velvet Curtains and Cornices, what a transformation! To truly understand this you need to see the ‘before’ picture.

As you can see the ‘bones’ of the room were pretty good. It was the ‘big-box-store’ curtains that were not helping at all. In fact, it was bringing down the aesthetic appeal of the whole room.

When entering this room, this was the immediate focal point since it is straight ahead upon entering the house and where the eye would choose to anchor. Generally speaking, a window is the focal point in a room since the eye is usually drawn to the light. Naturally, our client wanted to make the most of this room and window. Below is the ‘before’ picture


The Initial Design Consult

At Riviera Decor, we are truly blessed with wonderful clients and these clients were no different.

At our initial design consult the homeowner had started a redesign process and I was not quite sure which direction she was going but when she showed me fabrics that she liked, well the curtain design just flowed from that point on.

Custom Velvet Curtains and Cornices, rich in texture

This room is a play and juxtaposition on textures from the stone finish on the fireplace and island to the faux fur on the couch and smooth feeling of the leather. So, the velvet curtains with the richness of a cream color juxtaposed with the tapestry of the cornice inlay is a perfect combination. What blends in the two fabrics is the faux iron piece in the middle. A perfect touch- would you agree? Now, for the reveal…


Custom Curtains-Arched Cornice-Riviera Decor- Corpus Christi
Custom Velvet Curtains, arched cornices, Riviera Decor, Corpus Christi, Texas

Quite a transformation- would you agree? The uneven heights of the windows along with the differences in trim are hidden under the curtains. The bland windows now have architectural interest with the arch of the main cornice and inverted arch of the side cornices. A subtle and tasteful play on shapes. The cornices are unified with the inverted pleat coming over the top. The fabrics choices are a perfect choice for this room.

Our client has a beautiful room and we have a happy client!

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