Outdoor Furniture that Lasts!

Outdoor furniture- Corpus Christi, Texas

 Outdoor Furniture that Lasts! Subscribe to this blog Outdoor furniture that lasts a life time- yes it does exist!  Welcome to our new line of Teak Outdoor and Patio Furniture by Westminster Teak  Rated “Best by Wall Street Journal”.  Discover long lasting beauty and quality beyond the ‘big box store.’ As you know, at Riviera…

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Beautiful Designed Outdoor Cushions made to last!

Outdoor cushions Riviera Decor Corpus Christi

Beautifully Designed Outdoor Cushions made to last! Outdoor cushions that last may sound like an oxymoron in the harsh outdoor elements but outdoor cushions can be made to last and nothing can transform your outdoor space more then beautifully designed custom outdoor cushions, pillows and accessories just take a look at our before and after…

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Riviera Decor Wins International Award

Awards by Riviera Decor

Subscribe to this blog Announcing Riviera Decor has won the International Window Coverings Exposition Award in their 2018 VISION Design and Workroom Competition. Within the industry of custom home decor, draperies and interior design, this is the most coveted award one can win.  We would like to extend our appreciation to the judges and Ms.…

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Custom Draperies- Why do you want them considering the cost?

Custom draperies, Corpus Christi, Texas Riviera Decor

Value in Custom Draperies Subscribe to this blog Nothing can elevate a well-designed and furnished room more than expertly-crafted and designed custom home décor.  Especially custom draperies.  The opposite is especially true, nothing can ruin or diminish the value of a beautifully designed room quicker then poorly designed and crafted custom draperies. We repeat this…

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Scaldino, beautiful but what is it?

Custom Bedding Corpus Christi, Texas

So, what is this called again? Scaldino, it  just rolls off the tongue and sounds so exotic and beautiful- but what is it?  Loosely translated it is Italian for foot warmer or’ little heater’.  They are all the rage these days! The scaldino of today is a mini comforter  used mostly to protect the duvet…

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Curtains Pleated to Pattern

Curtains Pleated to Pattern You may be wondering what a curtain pleated to pattern is?  Well, lets begin by defining what it is not.  Have you ever been to the ‘big box store” whether shopping for Curtains in Corpus Christi or elsewhere and wanted something different? Not the neutral, solid color, standard, boring curtain panel…

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Fall outdoor decor: cushions, slipcovers and pillows

Outdoor cushions, slipcovers and pillows for seasonal décor Fall outdoor spaces can be just a beautiful as the summer spaces.  Let’s update the look for the season using the picture below for inspiration.  I love this picture, don’t you?  I just want to fall into the cushions by the warm fireplace with a good book…

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Do you want wind-proof outdoor draperies? Call Rivera Decor

And you thought wind-proof-outdoor draperies were only meant for magazine covers or resort vacations?  Think again! At last, Riviera Décor has designed and now manufactures a line of wind-proof outdoor draperies. wind-proof-outdoor draperies that are designed to last wind-proof-outdoor draperies is truly ground-breaking news for beautiful outdoor spaces that last!    Bespoke Soft Furnishings magazine, a…

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