Euro-Pleat Curtains


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Window Treatment, Riviera Decor, Corpus Christi, Texas

Euro-pleat curtains with embroidered necklace swag

A trompe l’ oeil (French- ‘trick the eye”) to make an six-foot window look ten feet tall  .  This is done to perfect scale and proportion with Euro pleat panels and cornice.  Add a stunning red embroidered silk necklace swag to keep the eye moving and custom drapery hardware as well.  You have indeed ‘tricked the eye”.

From our Products Page:

Design and couture sewing by Riviera Décor; Corpus Christi, Texas, Curtains, Necklace swag, cornice and pillows

Drapery Hardware by:  Finestra Hardware

Fabric by: Catania Silks

We are experts at scale, proportion and overcoming architectural setbacks.  Have a challenging window treatment?  Schedule an appointment now.

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