Outdoor Furniture, Outdoor Cushions, Curtains and rugs. We have it all and more!

Are you tired of replacing your outdoor furniture and cushions numerous times and would like to to buy something that will last?  Many of our clients still have our cushions that are made with Sunbrella fabric, fifteen years later. And, if you are tired of replacing outdoor furniture from the big-box store, nothing last longer then Teak wood for outdoor furniture!

Just imagine, if you buy Teak outdoor furniture and Riviera Decor Outdoor Cushions, you may never have to buy Outdoor furniture again!

We operate our own textile studio, but not an expensive showroom, so we can offer quality, custom patio furnishings at an affordable price.

Outdoor furniture- Corpus Christi, Texas

Outdoor/Patio Furniture

For outdoor or patio furniture nothing is more beautiful, weather-resistant and durable, then teak furniture.  It is the quality choice for your patio furniture.  With Teak Outdoor Furniture, you may never have to buy or replace your patio or outdoor furniture again.

We carry a full line of chairs, sofas, chaise lounges, and tables along with numerous collections and finishes to choose from that will suit any style.

Outdoor furniture/cushions, curtains Riviera Decor, Corpus Chrisit, Texas

Outdoor Cushions and Pillows

Custom cushions with numerous design options from a wide selection of guaranteed fade-resistant outdoor fabrics, like Sunbrella to revitalize your furniture. Simply replacing cushion covers to a custom designs is a beautiful transformation from the big-box store look.  Recycle your foam, or let us upgrade to new, rapid-drying foam ideal for poolside use.  Coordinating pillows with designer touches.

Unlike anywhere else, you can choose from our endless supplies of trims, tapes and custom embroidery for outdoor decor to truly elevate the beauty of your outdoor furnishings.

outdoor cushions, draperies, Corpus Chrisit

Outdoor Patio Curtains

Custom outdoor curtains soften the edges and create that resort feeling.  Our proprietary designs, developed from years of experience, stand up to the wear and tear of coastal winds.  We can add banding, cuffs, tabs, tie-backs and other custom features to create your individual look to coordinate with your outdoor cushions and rug for a coordinated and beautiful design.

Outdoor rug

Outdoor Rugs

We offer custom size polypropylene rugs have that sisal look, but are resistant to mold and mildew.  Add custom banding to coordinate with your furniture and curtains to truly elevate the beauty of your outdoor/patio room above the big-box store look.

Outdoor Placemats

Outdoor Placemats, Drink and Dish Covers

Our outdoor placemats and drink covers solve the problems of wind and bugs spoiling your outdoor meal and entertaining.  Our outdoor placemats include a holder for all eating utensils and napkins. This eliminates the problems of flies on your eating utensils or chasing napkins in the wind.   Our custom drink covers eliminate the problem of flies swirling around your tea/drinks.  Outdoor entree dishes are no longer a problem with tight fitting covers.

All are custom made to match your outdoor decor.  We even offer custom monogramming and coastal shells as well.


Outdoor Tablecloth


Tablecloths, Grill Covers, Flatware Caddies, you name it!  Custom made to complete the look of your outdoor room.  Just the touches you need for the perfect backyard barbecue.

Seahorse Mosaic

Coming soon!  Outdoor Mosaic wall hanging in seashell, stain-glass, gem stones and ceramic.  In six designs of: sea horse, crab, beach scene, sun, hummingbird and hibiscus.  

Custom sizes and shapes will be available   

Outdoor Hardware

Outdoor Drapery Hardware

Outdoor hardware needs to be strong enough to resist the outdoor elements.  We carry the industry leader in outdoor drapery hardware with a five-year warranty.  For the budget conscious, we also carry our own proprietary designs as well.

Outdoor Tablecloth

Custom Grill and Furniture Covers

Whether you want to protect your patio furniture from the elements, or disguise your barbecue grill from your guests and preserve it for years to come, our custom covers will do the job.  Made from non-fade outdoor fabrics in your choice of colors and styles, these covers are beautiful as well as functional.

outdoor cushions, slipcovers, Riviera Decor, Corpus

Outdoor Seasonal Slipcovers

With our outdoor slipcovers, you can change and freshen the look of your outdoor room with the seasons and enjoy your outdoor room all year long coordinating with the seasons and holidays.  Or,  take advantage of the easy-to-wash slipcovers for a style that's kid and pet-friendly.

Wind-Resistant Patio Curtains
Wind-resistant Patio Curtains Pattern

Patterns - Wind-Resistant Outdoor Curtains

Riviera Decor is pleased to share our years of experience, innovation and field testing.  Patterns for our copyright, proprietary wind-resistant outdoor curtains and installation instructions are now available to professional workrooms.

This pattern offers four different designs from traditional to contemporary. Included in this pattern are four key components to wind-resistant outdoor draperies 1) Installation instructions 2)Fabrication for outdoors 3) Design and pattern instructions

To see our wind-resistant patio curtains in strong wind gusts view our video on our Facebook Page