Roman Shade


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Roman shade, Riviera Decor, Corpus Christi, Texas
Roman shade with beaded tassel trim lined and interlined.

Roman Shade

An elegant Roman shade is what is needed in this kitchen to soften the wooden and granite surfaces.

All our Roman Shades are made to the most current safety standard.  In most cases, we have a finish at the back that is clean and not messy and hides all strings and rings while the look of the lining disappears as well.  In the case of this Roman Shade the back of the shade faces an outdoor kitchen  and pool area, a messy back showing white lining, rings and string would definitely ruin the aesthetics of the outdoor living.  However, knowledge of high-end finishes make this Roman Shade an excellent choice for this space.

Have you been wanting a Roman Shade but not the messy look in the back and made to the current safety standards?  Schedule and appointment today!

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